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PPTP has been made obsolete by Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP), IPSec and OpenVPN, but its still commonly used and natively supported by a lage scale of routers and clients. If the feature is not included in your build, you will need to flash your router with a DD-WRT version which does include the “PPTP / PPTP Client”. To turn on the PPTP VPN Server, navigate to the Services tab and then the VPN sub-tab and select the option to enable the PPTP Server. Once enabled, several previously hidden options will appear.

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pptp) dlna access by routing broadcast and multicast requests correctly (i.e. requests made  To do so we use the ddwrt web interface Administration -> Commands. How to create/config a dd-wrt PPTP VPN Server.

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If you have DDWRT at home it would be on the Security->VPN Passthrough page. All I want to do is set up a VPN server that I can access with my android phone so that I can use services that require you to be connected to your home IP address. Install Le VPN on DD-WRT router. Find out more here!

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Configure la  PPTP VPN Setup for DD-WRT. Step 1. Connect to VPN router using either an ethernet cable, or by joining the wireless network “dd-wrt”. Open  2 Feb 2015 DD-WRT PPTP VPN Server Setup. How to create/config a dd-wrt PPTP VPN Server.

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- Setting up a WAN connection via PPTP will route all your LAN devices through the VPN. If you want to use the VPN only for some of your LAN PCs/devices, try OpenVPN Client on DD-WRT with Policy Based Routing set. PPTP VPN Server on Buffalo Airstation DD-WRT - YouTube Configure your Buffalo Airstation with DD-WRT Firmware as a PPTP VPN Server. This will give you remote access to the network on which the Important: We presume that you already flashed your router with DD-WRT firmware and your DD-WRT router local IP address is and your first router has different LAN subnet ex. you connect to this router via wi-fi you have internet, we also presume that you have already tested VPN on your PC/Mac to ensure that your network configuration and ISP allow PPTP or L2TP Setup FastestVPN with PPTP Protocol on DD-WRT Router This tutorial explains how to connect your DD-WRT Router to FastestVPN using PPTP Protocol.

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PPTP cannot be used concurrently with PPPoE or Static IP. The WAN port on the DD-WRT router must be directly connected to either a) the ethernet port on your modem or b) a LAN port on an existing router for this setup to work properly.