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Click Clear Cache. 6. Click Clear Cache again. 7.

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Clear Cache on Kodi Using Merlin Wizard Add-on.

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Try to clear all Kodi cache. Check to see if Kodi continues to crash and/or freeze. Try to clear all Kodi cache. Kodi streams and plays video content a bit differently than normal.

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Over the 4 years of it's existence it was used by (as of 2016) 5000 monthly a. However, Kodi automatically removes video cache after some time, as it needs space to stream and play videos.

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Bug report Describe the bug Here is a clear and concise description of what the problem is: Adding cache settings in advancedsettings.xml appears to have no effect. I've tried these settings (Windows x64, Kodi x64, on a 32GB RAM machine) What is the Kodi Cache? Kodi plays numerous media files as mentioned above, so uses a lot of processor cycles and memory over time. However, the software requires the temporary storage of specific video data to increase streaming performance. You can enhance the cache memory at kodi easily and fixing the caching network problems such as caching the movies by installing and configuring the easy Enabling Zero cache on kodi will free up space so that the user can download large space video files. Without Zero Cache the videos which you download on a RAM of your device will be dumped as it has only 60 mb by default.

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Learn how to Remove Video Cache in Kodi XBMC and use your Kodi boxes more efficiently without any problems or errors  3 How to manually clear Cache within Kodi?